Hospital Education Service

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At HES, we recognise that your child's health status will often take precedence over his/her education. 



However, if your child is an in-patient at Skye House and they're well enough to attend Stobhill School, please try to do the following:

  • Encourage your child to take a note of websites and books they read – in some subjects, they'll need to include references to avoid plagiarism.  
  • Encourage them to use the SQA website (especially the candidate guides).
  • Talk to your child about the texts and topics they study in class. Ask to see their work and give them constructive feedback.
  • Help your child devise a study timetable and encourage them to stick to it. If they’ve already devised one with their teachers, encourage them to stick to that.
  • Liaise regularly with HES teaching staff to ensure that we work together to support your child as effectively as possible.


Your support is very much appreciated.