Hospital Education Service

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During your time at Stobhill School, you'll continue to develop the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence - to become a Successful Learner, a Confident Individual, a Responsible Citizen and an Effective Contributor.


In order that everyone can enjoy and engage with their work, we ask that you abide by five simple ground rules:    

  • Follow timetable - try to remain within the lesson environment. If you need a time-out, you must ask your teachers first and inform the school nurse
  • Engage in class - engage with your work to the best of your ability in order to meet targets agreed with your teachers
  • Show consideration and respect - be prepared to interact with others and participate in group activities.  Be prepared to receive and to give constructive feedback
  • Follow directions - be co-operative with staff, whether they're teachers or part of the wider medical team
  • Wait in class until you're dismissed - this is basic good manners but it's also for safety reasons


Try to remain ambitious both in terms of your health recovery and academic progress. 

Strive to complete the work set out by HES and base school teachers. 

If you encounter difficulties, talk to a teacher who will help you prioritise and negotiate more appropriate targets.