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The connection between relationships, learning and behaviour

Recent research into behaviour in Scotland’s schools and exclusion statistics have shown encouraging and sustained improvements in recent years. Fewer and fewer children are being excluded and there has been a positive impact in schools where there is a focus on social and emotional wellbeing and an ethos of mutual respect and trust.

Children unable to attend school because of health needs should be able to access suitable and flexible education appropriate to their needs. The nature of the provision must be responsive to the demands of what may be a changing health status. Successful relationships between staff, pupils and all stakeholders are key to this.

Better Relationships, Better Learning, Better Behaviour 


The Independent Care Review: 'The Promise'

'The Promise' is responsible for driving the work of change demanded by the findings of the Independent Care Review.

It proposes a new way of looking at the workforce, encompassing all of the relationships that support the child: their family of origin, other carers with a parental role, decision makers, other professionals ('awareness roles') and the wider community.

It works with all kinds of organisations to support shifts in policy, practice and culture so Scotland can #KeepThePromise it made to care experienced infants, children, young people, adults and their families - that every child grows up loved, safe and respected, able to realise their full potential.

The Promise